I am first and mostly a songwriter. I write in many styles, including early jazz, folk, rock, country, blues. I have also written songs for a street theater/cabaret production based on scenes from Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire, mostly for the women in the play.

I sing my own songs as well as jazz standards, and I have performed with the Apollo Jazz Group, a swing band; and the San Francisco Starlight Orchestra, a 20’s and 30’s big band. I have also performed as a dancer with many bands, including Mal Sharpe’s Big Money in Jazz and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. I studied modern dance throughout my childhood, and Isadora Duncan dance in adulthood, for over 15 years. I have danced in numerous festivals and parades, both in New York and the Bay Area, for the past 20 years.

In the early 80’s, I was a member of the Coop, a musicians’ cooperative in New York, where I performed my songs at a popular local club, the Speakeasy, as well as Gerde’s Folk City and other well-known clubs. I lived in Nashville in 1988 and was in the chorus of a weekly TV show, Bobby Jones Gospel — quite a departure for me, and I loved it. Our chorus also appeared at the Nashville Summer Lights Festival and in the Tennessee Repertory Theater production of Jesus Christ Superstar. I moved back to New York later that year, then to San Francisco in 1995, where I have performed my songs at various venues and at the annual Bay to Breakers race.

Having grown up with classical, Broadway, and folk music, I consider a good melody most important in a song, as well as lyrics that make sense. I love the process of songwriting, though I agree with Randy Newman that it can be “agonizing.” (But exhilarating too, Randy!) I love performing, and consider recording a necessary evil — though it gets easier over the years, thanks to technology and a more positive attitude.

In the meantime, my CD, Lady in Waiting, is available on CDBaby.com. I’m really into variety, and this album includes many styles: romantic Celtic-type ballads, swing, bluesy folk, and a medical marijuana song.

Also available from CDBaby.com is my previous album, 10 Years Before. These are songs I performed with Bill Ring and Ironwood many years ago. Eleven of the songs are mine. “The Night You Told Me (My Body Was a Must)” was written by Rick Barse and Nevele Adams.  The last four songs are four of Bill’s best and some of my favorites. Altogether over 70 minutes of music! The style ranges from folk to blues to rock to country…I hope you love it all!


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